Treatment room

Treatment Room
Our aim in designing this home was to offer a wider range of services than are  normally found in care homes. Here in the treatment room you can book an appointment for a range of services including hairdressing, beauty treament, massage therapies such a reflexology, Indian Head Massage or a gnetle full body massage.

Other Services
Other Health Professionals regularly call and often use the treatment room. They include local district nurses and   local Doctors.  Other health visitors will provide chiropody, dental, optician and hearing support services.  Some of the regular Health Screening checks carried out by our own trained staff (which we encourage all clients to have)  will also take place in the treatment Room.

Well Being at Ocean Living
We believe in a whole person approach to good health. Looking after your mental and spiritual well being is just as important as taking care of our physical well being. You can have companionship and piece of mind as well as security gained from the regular physical health screening. Our aim is to agree a series of regular health checks linked to a fitness regime combined with interests,hobbies and activites which tie in exactly with your own personal preferrences. Clients of course have the final word in over seeing their own health, but our staff will happily guide and support clients daily in the pursuit of a better sense of well being and self fulfillment.

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